About us

Avision Group (AVG) is your trusted source for comprehensive research and analysis of economic trends and market conditions. Our mission is to provide current and potential investors, business professionals, and institutions with the essential insights they need to navigate economic challenges and thrive in the marketplace.

We understand that rigorous, high-quality, and practical solutions are essential for success. That’s why we are committed to conducting comprehensive research, clear problem identification, and thorough analysis of future conditions to deliver our clients the most accurate and valuable guidance.

In today’s global economy, the need for state-of-the-art analytical and research capabilities is more critical than ever. At AVG, we have initiated efforts to bridge the gap between market players and researchers, offering accessible and trusted reference materials for our clients.

Our goal is to provide the latest analyses and studies using high-quality methods, empowering market players in both domestic and international arenas to enhance their competitive advantage and drive innovation. We believe that by leveraging our products and services, businesses and entities active in the marketplace can improve efficiency and foster growth.

AVG is dedicated to conducting research and studies across a wide range of financial markets and business types, as well as investigating economic policies that significantly impact the overall economy. We strive to be an influential consulting center, empowering our clients to make informed decisions and thrive in today’s dynamic economic landscape.

Core Values

At AVG, we place a strong emphasis on ethical conduct in all our research endeavors. We are committed to upholding the highest ethical standards and ensuring that our clients and partners can trust in the integrity of our work. Our ethical code includes the following principles:

1. Honesty

The ACG reports information, methodology, and findings based on pure honesty.

2. Impartiality

The ACG acts impartially in offering or providing research projects, information, findings, data and/or results interpretation, strategies, reports and indices, and advisory to private or public sectors, as well as when carrying out different stages of research.

3. Loyalty and Trust

The ACG remains loyal to its integrity and entirety and acts seriously and decidedly.

4. Precision

The ACG remains loyal to its integrity and entirety and acts seriously and decidedly.

5. Clarity

The ACG shares all information, results, resources, and methodologies used in conducting a research project with advisees and clients. Undoubtedly, the Group welcomes any criticism or suggestion in this regard.

6. Respect for Intellectual Property Rights

The ACG does not use any information, result, or methodology without necessary permission/permits. The Group acknowledges the support of all colleagues and all those who contribute to the research process. The ACG is seriously against plagiarism and legally prosecutes the abuse of its research findings and results. 

7. Confidentiality

All information and correspondence in the research process are kept strictly confidential.

8. Offering High-quality and Scientific Consultation

We hold regular advisory sessions with our clients. These meetings are planned according to customers’ specific areas of interest. We discuss every aspect of our methodologies concerning advisees’ concerns. The sessions also provide an opportunity to discuss incorporating the ACG’s insights into your firm’s decision-making process. The ACG also offers practical solutions, but final decisions are taken by investors/clients themselves. Thus, the ACG will not be responsible for ultimate investment decisions or consequences.  

9. Social Responsibility

The ACG makes attempts to reduce social ills happening very often due to incorrect economic decisions.

10. Legality

The ACG recognizes and obeys rules and regulations asserted by competent authorities.

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