Iran’s Food Packaging Industry

Food packaging in Iran is essential to the country's food trade industry. Packaging plays a crucial role in preserving the quality and freshness of food products, ensuring they reach consumers in optimal condition. In Iran, various types of packaging materials are used, including plastic, glass, metal, and paper. These materials are chosen based on each product's specific requirements, considering factors such as shelf life, transportation, and consumer convenience. The packaging industry in Iran has witnessed significant advancements in recent years with the introduction of modern technologies and techniques. This has improved packaging designs, increased efficiency, and enhanced product presentation. Additionally, efforts have been made to promote sustainable packaging practices, such as using eco-friendly materials and reducing waste. The government has also implemented regulations and standards to ensure the safety and quality of food packaging, protecting consumers from potential health risks. Overall, food packaging in Iran plays a vital role in maintaining the integrity of food products and meeting the demands of both domestic and international markets.

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary

  • A Review of the Packaging Industry in the World

  1. Packaging Industry Market Size in the World
  2. Packaging Industry Market Size in MENA
  3. Leading Countries in the Packaging Industry
  • Raw Material for the Packaging Industry

  • Paper and Cardboard Packages
  1. Advantages of Paper and Cardboard Packages
  2. Disadvantages of Paper and Cardboard Packages
  3. Raw Material Stock for Paper and Cardboard Packages in Iran
  • Plastic Packages
  1. Advantages of Plastic Packages
  2. Disadvantages of Plastic Packages
  3. Raw Material Stock for Plastic Packages in Iran
  • Metal Packages
  1. Advantages of Metal Packages
  2. Disadvantages of Metal Packages
  3. Raw Material Stock for Metal Packages in Iran
  • Glass Packages
  1. Advantages of Glass Packages
  2. Disadvantages of Glass Packages
  3. Raw Material Stock for Glass Packages in Iran
  • Packaging in Different Industries

  • Food Packaging for Different Purposes 
  1. Protection and Conservation
  2. Advertisement
  3. Designation of Quantity and Facilitation
  4. Saving and Wastage Reduction
  • Demand for Food Packaging Influential Factors (Iran and the World)

  1. Population Ageing
  2. Household Size Reduction
  3. Age of Marriage Increase
  4. Stronger Tendency to Comfort-Seeking
  5. Lifestyle Changes
  6. Increasing Importance of Hygiene
  7. Development of Packaging Technology and Material
  • Packaging Industry in Iran

  1. Different Usages of Packaging (Various Industries in Iran)
  2. Packaging Costs for Industries
  3. Packaging Costs for the Food and Beverages Industry
  • Results from the Public Opinion Poll by the DMSU

  • Results from Public Opinion Poll (Packaging Companies)
  1. Fields of Activities
  2. Raw Material
  3. Equipment and Machinery
  4. Problems with the Provision of Equipment and Machineries
  5. International Customers
  6. R & D
  7. Iranian Packaging Industry in the World
  • Results from Public Opinion Poll (Food & Beverage Manufacturers)
  1. Food Packaging Quality
  2. Iranian Packaging Industry in the World
  3. Packaging Material
  4. Sites for Packaging Process
  • Results from Public Opinion Poll (Consumers)
  1. Important Factors in Food Packaging
  2. Packaging Quality of Conserves
  3. Packaging Quality of Sauces and Pickled Vegetables
  4. Packaging Quality of Bakery Products and Chocolates
  5. Packaging Quality of Dairies
  6. Packaging Quality of Desserts and Beverages
  7. Packaging Quality of Protein Products
  8. Packaging Quality of Fruits and Vegetables
  9. Packaging Quality of Groceries and Dried Fruits
  10. Packaging Quality of Ready and Convenience Foods

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