Iran’s Automotive Industry Report

Table of Contents

Iran’s Automotive Industry: History and Status Quo
  1. Top Countries in the Automotive Industry
  2. Fastest Growths in the Automotive Industry
  3. Iran’s Current Status in the World
  4. Supply in Iran’s Automotive Industry
  5. Demand in Iran’s Automotive Industry
  6. Best Global Markets for Automotive Industry
  7. Auto Export and Import in Iran
Iran’s Automotive Industry SWOT 
  1. Strengths
  2. Weaknesses
  3. Opportunities
  4. Threats
A Review of Iran’s Key Macroeconomic Indicators
  1. GDP
  2. Inflation Rate and Money Stock
  3. Unemployment
  4. Loans and Other Facilities by Banks and Credit Institutions
  5. Internal Market Size
  6. External Market Size
  7. Trade of Balance
  8. Non-Oil Exports
  9. Cost to Export
  10. Cost to Import
  11. Government’s Revenues and Spending
  12. Gross Fixed Capital Formation
Companies and Products Market Share Analysis
  1. Companies Market Shares per Auto Type
  2. Domestic Cars Variety and Market Share
  3. Cars Variety and Market Share in Five Price Brackets
  4. Automotive Industry: Monopoly or Competition
Domestic Cars Quality
  1. Best and Worst Domestic Cars
  2. Quality Review of 1st Price Bracket Cars
  3. Quality Review of 2nd Price Bracket Cars
  4. Quality Review of 3rd Price Brackets Cars
  5. Quality Review of 4th Price Brackets Cars
  6. Quality Review of 5th Price Bracket Cars
Major Iranian Auto Manufacturers
  • Iran Khodro Industrial Group
  1. International Partners
  2. Subsidiaries & Headquarters
  3. International Manufacturing Sites
  4. A Review of Iran Khodro’s Financial Statements
  • Saipa Manufacturing Group
  1. International Partners Subsidiaries
  2. International Manufacturing Sites
  3. A Review of Saipa Financial Statements
  • Auto Parts Manufacturing
Investment Opportunities in Iran’s Automotive Industry
Automotive  International Trade in Iran
A Review of Investment Opportunities in Bordering Countries
  1. Afghanistan
  2. Syria
  3. Iraq
  4. Azerbaijan
  5. Armenia
A Review of Auto Export by Iran
  1. Iran’s Export Destinations
  2. Types and Value of Exported Cars

A Review of Auto Import in Iran
  1. Imported Cars Source Countries
  2. Popular Brands for Imported Cars
  3. Price Brackets for Imported Cars
  4. Support for Domestic Auto Industry (Focusing on Import Barriers)

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